Prolonged sitting is a new smoking

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Sitting Ergonomics

Address your bodily aches, pains, and injuries caused by your work or household environment. Prolonged sitting and standing can effect overall health.


Primal Movement

Build, restructure, and improve movement patterns. Optimize flexibility, mobility, stability, strength, endurance, power, and eating habits.


Raise Vibration

Learn how to bring yourself to a higher vibration. Get to know your higher-self and start building and maintaining energy vortex.


Sports Performance

Elevate your performance. Specific sports conditioning training is here for you in an easy to follow. For athletes in competitive environment.

Do not tie yourself in a knots

Program Design

Ready to follow a custom program catered to your goals? After taking a series of assessments, you'll receive a step-by-step guide.  

We've also seen your average office worker successfully implement these programs.  

Components of the program design:

  • Correction and/or prevention of postural aliment
  • Addressing from baseline (flexibility, mobility, stability)
  • Correction and/or prevention of injuries
  • Ergonomics for office, car, work from home,...
  • Specific sports mechanics movement - proper techniques for different sports like tennis, baseball, basketball, soccer, swimming, Olympic weight lifting, etc.
  • Specific sports conditioning - from mobility, stability, balance, endurance, strength

Work with us

Personal coaching

Would you like a more hands-on approach? This can be combined with Program Design. With 1:1 coaching you will get instant feedback from our coach, and professional to hold you accountable. You get benefits from learning directly from one of our amazing coaches.

Consider personal coaching also if you want to learn or improve specific technical skills (mechanics) in a sport or activity.

For example, maybe you want to learn how to play basketball from scratch or be more efficient swinging a baseball bat. Perhaps you want to improve your power or improve your football footwork. Maybe you want to improve your forehand top-spin in tennis or learn the mechanics of squatting, pushing, and pressing. Sharpen up your MMA skills.

If individual coaching sounds like the right choice for you, contact us.

Assessments - Program Design - Results

About us

We are a group of coaches, personal trainers, and health practitioners. Our goal is to provide a way for individuals or groups to achieve their personal goals. We also seek to help out other coaches and professionals to offer whole package programs to their students/clients.  

You might want to use our services to:

  • learn specific skills from scratch
  • improve or correct your form/technique/mechanics
  • prevent or correct imbalances in your body that can cause discomfort, pains, and in the end, unwanted injury.
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